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China-Japan relations after Japan's Lower House Election

Abstract:Japan's LDP and Komeito won more than two-thirds of Lower House seats, which is enough to pass the amendment of Article 9 of Japan's Constitution. To what direction will Japanese politics and foreign policy go? And, will Shinzo Abe become a real champion of nationalism in Japan? If Japan's Constitution is revised, to what extent will the role of the Self-Defense Force expand? This talk will deliver basic concepts of Japanese political party politics, and will shed light on the possible impact on China-Japan relations after the revision of the Constitution.

Speaker:Professor Go ITO 

Bio:Go ITO is a professor of international relations at Meiji University in Tokyo, Japan. He received his Ph.D. at the Josef Korbel School of International Studies, University of Denver, Colorado, USA, and currently specializes in IR theories as well as international relations of the Asia-Pacific. He has received several domestic and international honors for his work, including Eisenhower Fellowships ( in 2005, and the Yasuhiro Nakasone Award in 2006. His major works include: Alliance in Anxiety published by Routledge, “Redefining Security Goals: Japan’s Response to the September 11 Terrorism,” in the Journal of East Asian Studies, “Japan’s Participation in UN Peacekeeping Operations,” in Japan in International Politics published by Lynne Rienner, and “A New Pro-Asia Doctrine?: Japan’s Approach to East Asian Regionalism,” in Strategic Currents published by the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies in Singapore.