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Our graduates leave with a University of Nottingham degree that is recognised and valued by employers and universities all over the world.

We are a world top choice for employers, and our graduates have found jobs with prominent Chinese employers such as Bank of China and Wahaha, as well as leading global companies such as Boeing, Amazon, AB InBev, Hilton, IKEA, KPMG, Nestle, ARUP, Standard Chartered Bank, DHL and Google.

Students who choose to continue their studies receive offers for further study from some of the world's top universities, including those in the United Kingdom, United States of America and Australia.


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The Careers and Employability Service team is committed to the career development and employability of students and graduates of the University of Nottingham Ningbo China. Through a range of career-focused services and programmes, we provide students with comprehensive job market information and insightful advice to help actualise their career aspirations.

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