Added career benefits  

Not only will you graduate with a degree from an internationally-recognised university but you will also have the chance to engage in activities that will enhance your CV, including:

  • Taking part in the Nottingham Advantage Award - a free programme of activity focusing on skills, employability and personal development. You can study modules focused on career skills, mentoring, cultural awareness, entrepreneurship and volunteering.
  • Completing internships outside of university. In the past students have worked for many international companies including IBM, Microsoft, Siemens and Ogilvy.
  • Learning Mandarin Chinese, through free, optional classes (for international students).
  • Building up your network and connections in China, as well as internationally through your classmates and lecturers.
  • Accessing the services and programmes provided by our career team, which offers students job market information and career advice.

Careers information, advice and guidance

We want to support you to make the most of your career potential. Whether you are unclear about your future direction, already focused on what you want or somewhere in between, we can help you make a successful transition from the University of Nottingham Ningbo China to a great career.


Internship and work experience

Many of our students take advantage of the range of internship opportunities available through our Career team.