Academic and personal development support 

Every student in our University will have a personal tutor assigned to him or her. Personal tutors are academic members of staff and their responsibility is to help students develop and maintain their wellbeing, support their academic and personal development, help them understand University practices and standards, enhance their employability, help them build a sense of community and refer them to the appropriate support services.

Personal tutors help their tutees develop and maximize their potential.

Tutorials are led by students. Students should come prepared and willing to talk about their experiences, their successes, their plans for the future and any issues they are facing. However, personal tutorials are for all students, not just students who are facing difficulties.


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Senior Tutor Network

Each school / department also has senior tutors who will support personal tutors and are part of the Senior Tutor Network (STN). The STN provides oversight in academic matters and pastoral care together with other key student service providers.

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Learning Community Forum

The Learning Community Forum (LCF) is a platform for students and teachers to communicate and discuss any issues or suggestions related to their course of studies and, more in general, their university experience. LCF is supported by Nottingham Advantage Award.

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information for students

Information for students

We have created a guide which contains information about the personal tutorial system. Your school or department may also provide you with a supplement to this guide detailing particular arrangements or additional requirements concerning the personal tutorial system.

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Guidance for personal tutors

All personal tutors should be fully aware of your responsibilities being a personal tutor as stated in the guidance. Further information about your duties are in the Student Support section of the Quality Manual and in your school, division or departmental tutoring statements.

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If you do not know who your personal tutor is, you could use the links on the right to contact your Faculty or School Office or the CELE Professional Services Office (CPSO) and they will put you in contact with your tutor.


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