Immigration and Visa

How to get a student visa to enter China

All international students attending UNNC must have a Student Visa in order to study in China. Students studying at UNNC for longer than 180 days will apply for the X1 visa. Students studying at UNNC for less than 180 days will apply for the X2 visa. You must receive Admission letter and a JW202/DQ form prior to beginning the visa application process.

To apply for X visas and then come to study in a Chinese university, international students need to obtain JW202/DQ Forms, and Admission Letter. This guideline explains how we will help you obtain these two documents, and how you use them for your visa application.

1. Download JW202/DQ form A JW202 form (Confirmation Form for Study in China) is for students whose study programme in a Chinese university is longer than 180 days, while a DQ form is for students who will study in a Chinese institution for between 30 and 180 days. The full name of the DQ form is the Short-Term International Student’s Information Form.

The Ministry of Education issues JW202/DQ Forms to international students, and UNNC will help our students apply for JW202/DQ Forms after the payment of their deposit or tuition fee is confirmed.

After your application is approved by the authorities or the university in the system, international students will receive an email from the system with the guidance of how to download your JW202/DQ form.


Residence Permit

Holders of X1 visas must go through residential formalities in the local Entry-Exit Administration of the Public Security Bureau within 30 days of entry into China. A fine of 500RMB per day will be applied for late lodgement of residence permit application. Please note that the University will only be allowed to apply for a residence permit for officially registered students.

The residence permit will not be effective beyond the expiry date of your passport. The duration of your residence permit is generally the same as the duration of your studies at the University. There is however still a possibility that the local authority will issue a residence permit for a period shorter than your study duration at UNNC.

The residence permit can also be used as a multiple-entry visa, which means you can go out of China and come back without any limitation on the number of times you enter and leave China as long as the residence permit is valid.

Police Registration

The Public Security Bureau requires all international students to register with the local police station within 24 hours after your arrival at the University. This can be simply done by handing over your passport to the dorm reception. If you live off campus, you need to do this at the police station near your residence.

Important notice: A fine of 2000RMB will be applied if you fail to do police registration within 24 hours of your arrival.

Fees and Application Time

Usually it takes 15 working days to obtain the residence permit. The residence permit fee is:

  • 400RMB for residency of less than one year
  • 800RMB for one to less than three years (including one year)
  • 1000RMB for three to five years (including three years)

Required Documents for Residence Permit

  • Original passport
  • Original medical report and one copy
  • A copy of your passport and a copy of the visa page & entry stamp
  • A passport-sized photo, must have a pure white background

Submit Visa Documents to Immigration

  • For new arrivals, GEO will arrange visa document collection sessions and group visas during the orientation week to help you easily go through the process. (For details please refer to the welcome programmes)
  • If you are going to submit your visa application on your own, please refer to the guide below.

Collect Your Passport

After 15 working days of processing, you will be able to go to the Immigration Office to collect your passport. Be advised, your collection date and the fees will have been specifically noted on your receipt, as well as the address of the Immigration Office. Therefore, on the collection date, you can arrange your transportation either by bus or taxi to the Immigration Office, pay the fee and collect your passport from there.

Traveling in China Without Passport

Students can travel by train or bus within China without passports but taking flights without a passport is not recommended. If your passport is kept by the immigration for RP purpose, normally you will receive a receipt from the Immigration Office after the submission of visa applications. The receipt states that your passport is being processed and will not be available until a particular collection date. Therefore, with this receipt and a copy of your passport, you will be able to travel and stay in hotels within the Chinese mainland.

For Emergency Cases

Please be noted, there is no fast-track or express service at the local Immigration Office. If you urgently need your passport before the collection date, please contact Global Engagement Office by providing relevant evidence like flight ticket etc. However, there is no guarantee that you will receive it before the collection date.

If you unfortunately lose your passport, please immediately go to the local police station for a lost passport report, and then go to GEO with two passport-sized photos and request an appointment with the Immigration Office for the lost passport certificate, in order to apply for a new passport from your embassy in China.

Overstay Issues

It is your responsibility to manage your own visa whilst staying in China. Please be aware that you will receive a fine of 500RMB per day for overstay, up to a maximum fine of 10,000RMB. For some cases, students may be forced to cancel their residence permit, or be deported in certain circumstances. 

Please go to GEO in the unfortunate event of visa overstay.

Student Internship Visa               

Students are not allowed to have a full-time job in China by holding a student visa. Students need to apply for an internship visa before starting an internship job. You can click here for information about the procedure. 

Visa Cancellation

Student visa needs to be cancelled once students’ study status changes, including but not limited to students who graduate/get terminated/withdraw/suspend/retake without attendance/transfer out/undertake 2+2 in the UK.

Health Certificate

The Public Security Bureau requires health certificates for foreign nationals seeking residency in China. The health certificate is a necessary document for international students to apply for a Residence Permit. Students with X2 visas do not need to go through this step.

To obtain one, you need to have a complete physical examination which shows you are in good health and free of any communicable diseases (including an HIV test, a chest X-ray, ECG, etc.).

The University will organize group health checks for all international students during the orientation week. Students should prepare following documents and bring these with them to the designated hospital. Applicants need to fast (consume no food or water) for at least eight hours before the health check. You need to bring the following with you for the health check:

  • 500 RMB
  • 3 passport photos (recent 2-inch photos, full face without hat)
  • Passport & passport copy (Photo page and visa page)

Checkup Items

Lab tests: Blood routine, urine routine, biochemical examination, infectious diseases (HBV, HCV, HIV, syphilis)

Physical examinations: Internal medicine check, surgery check, general check (BP, Pulse, Body Temperature, Weight, Height, BMI), ENT check, ophthalmology check, abdominal B-ultrasound, ECG, chest X-ray scan.

If the applicant needs to complete the health check in your home country, they need to bring both the original data and the medical report (e.g. Lab test reports including the data of the tests; the original picture of X-ray scan, doctor’s diagnoses and signature) to the designated hospital when you arrive Ningbo in order to obtain an approved certificate. The fee will be reduced in that case, but you may still be required to do some checks that have not been covered by your current report. The validity of a health check certificate is six months.


Ningbo International Travel Healthcare Center
No. 336, Liuting St., Haishu district, Ningbo Phone: +86 (0) 574 8716 3322
Opposite to Ningbo Women & Children's Hospital

How to get there

  • Taxi: Approximately 30 RMB
  • Bus: No. 369 directly to NITHC