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At UNNC we offer excellent learning and research infrastructure, such as the best international library in China and world class laboratories to support and empower you with the necessary knowledge and life skills to become a leader of future communities. We are proud of our superb faculty made up of world renowned educators and researchers. Through combining innovative and interactive teaching pedagogies and world class teaching facilities, UNNC will encourage you to think creatively, develop new ideas, and empower you with the necessary skills to become excellent global citizens.

Working closely with our UK campus, our comprehensive student-centred programmes ensure you will be endowed with the language, thinking and life skills to excel. UNNC also provides a vibrant student experience through excellent accommodation, sporting and dining facilities.


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TL-Student-Qianying FAN

I major in Finance, Accounting and Management in the University of Nottingham Ningbo China. The courses I mainly learn are related to accounting and finance such as financial accounting, management accounting and business finance. I have also learnt about computer in business and database design and implementation which are quite useful practically. Tutors here teach us through both lectures and seminars to enhance our knowledge and practical skills. Lots of resources are available for us to improve our learning such as library resources, tutors’ office hours and online access to materials through Moodle.

Qianying FAN (Bsc Hons Finance, Accounting and Management)


In UNNC, the relatively free learning and living environment teach me to plan my own time, enrich my extracurricular life and learn to combine work and life rationally. Compared with other domestic universities, we have more group cooperation tasks, in which we need to learn to communicate with others, coordinate with others and play a significant role in the group. This is also the basic ability we must master when we enter the society in the future. As for the English learning, our school also provides us with a good language environment, in all corners of the teaching area, you can feel the strong atmosphere of English, all kinds of notices, posters and even the way that people talk to each other are in English, which is quite useful for the improvement of our English skills.

Lizhou FAN (BEng Hons Civil Engineering)

TL-Student-Lizhou FAN


TL-Student-Yue LI

UNNC has advanced teaching facilities, abundant academic resources, and excellent learning environment. The academic staff are knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and are always supportive of students’ learning experience. In addition, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved in a range of extracurricular activities. UNNC has shaped me to become a better person. I absolutely enjoyed my university life here.

Yue Li (BSc Hons Computer Science)