The Clinic provides a wide range of medical services to the University community including primary care, first aid, medication service, hospital appointment, medical interpreta- tion, vaccination assistance, medical equipment rental, medical standby for high-risk activities, MSH direct billing, student health check, occupational disease support, and etc. 

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University Counselling  Service

It is staffed by a team of professionally trained, accredited and widely experienced counselors. The service is accustomed to supporting students and staff from diverse backgrounds and cultures, and dealing with a wide range of emotional, personal and mental health issues.

It operates within the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) Ethical Framework 2015 and the General Data Protection Regulation (UK) 2018, and therefore maintains the highest standards of confidentiality. The service has also introduced the Employee Assistant Program (EAP) as a supplementary support to staff and their dependents.  

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Mental Health Advisory Service 

There is also a team of specialists who provide specific support to students with significant mental health problems that affect their abilityto participate in their everyday life or academic work. They also assist with referrals to psychiatric hospitals. Student access to the Mental Health Advisory Service is by referral from staff only.

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Disability Support Service

The service aims to create an inclusive and equitable teaching and learning environment for the benefit of all our students. It provides student-led support to enable students with disabilities to flourish as independent learners.

It is here to help if you have a physical disability, ongoing mental health difficulties, a long-term health con- dition, an autistic spectrum condition or a specific learning difference such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia or ADHD.

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Health Promotion

The Health Promotion team offers a wide range of workshops, events, activities and self-help resources for UNNC staff and students. Featured programs include Mental Health Literacy Programme, 5-HT Week, Mindfulness Programme, Peer Listener Programme, 21 Days: 2 Be better 1s, and more.

There are always new ways to enhance your own wellbeing.

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