Health Promotion

The Health Promotion team offers a wide range of workshops, events, activities and self-help resources for UNNC staff and students. Featured programmes include Mental Health Literacy Programme, 5-HT Week, Mindfulness Programme, Peer Listener Programme, 21 Days: 2 Be better 1s, and more.

There are always new ways to enhance your own wellbeing. 




Featured Programs

21 Days

21 Days: 2 Be Better 1s Challenge encourages staff and students to "take small steps, make big changes".


First Aid Training

First Aid Training designed to give you the information and skills you need to help others in many emergency situations.

Mental Health Literacy Programme

Mental Health Literacy Programme is a series of lectures and workshops open to all students to support the development of skills and awareness to recognise mental health problems.

Mindfulness at UNNC

Mindfulness at UNNC where students and staff can practice a variety of effective mindfulness techniques.


HealthyU a student-run society overseen by the Centre that provides information and advice on a range of health and wellbeing issues important to students through health promotion campaigns.

Psychology Association

Psychology Association is a society for students who are pas- sionate about the practical applications and aspects of psychology, whatever their subject.