The UNNC Portal is our central information hub and service centre for all students. It is a gateway to all University news, notices and events as well as a number of student service applications in areas of University policies, regulations, academic progression and students' daily life. Students are strongly encouraged to visit the UNNC Portal on a regular basis.


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For a more comprehensive list of student services including Extenuating Circumstances Claim and Student Absence Application, please visit the UNNC Portal. On the website of University of Nottingham, UK, you will find the Quality Manual, which sets out essential regulatory framework that governs all teaching and learning for students.

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CELE Professional Services Office

Location: Trent Building 315
Telephone: 0574-88180000-8664

Department of Campus Life

Central Service Team: Trent Building 254
Student Engagement Team: Trent Building 254
CELE Student Affairs Team: Trent Building 321
FOSE Students Affairs Team: PMB, 422
NUBS Students Affiars Team: IEB, 449
FHSS Students Affairs Team: IEB, 324
Telephone: 0574-88181397

Faculty Office of Humanities and Social Sciences

Location: IEB 306
Telephone: 0574-88180000-8355

Faculty Office of Science and Engineering

Location: PMB 416,422,427
Telephone: 0574-88180000-6512

Nottingham University Business School China

Location: IEB 401
Telephone: 0574-88180000-8647

Global Engagement Office

Location: Trent Building 222
Telephone: 0574-88180000-8724

Logistic Affairs Centre

Location: Residential Hub, Building 15
Telephone: 0574-88180809

Student Recruitment and Admission Office

Location: Trent Building 226, 231, 212
Telephone: 0574-88180182

Sports Department

Location: Sir Colin Campbell Building (Sports Centre)
Telephone: 0574-89180000-8519

Teaching and Research Office for Chinese Culture

Location: Trent Building 472
Telephone: 0574-88180000-8070

The Hub

Location: Portland Building 120
Telephone: 0574-88180000-8062


Safety and wellbeing

Security and Safety Office

Location: Security Reception: Building 15 (within Residential Hub)
24-hour Campus Emergency Hotline: 0574-88180111
Security Reception: 0574-88180000-0078

Health and Wellbeing Centre

Location: First floor, building 23
UNNC Clinic:
Disability Support Service:
University Counselling Service:
Mental Health Advisory Service: (referral only)