Examinations form part of your assessment at the University. This section offers information about dates of examinations, past paper channel, permitted dictionaries and calculators.

During exam periods there are three examination sessions each day (9:30, 14:00, 17:00) Monday to Saturday. Your examinations may be scheduled on any of the published dates during the examination periods. 

2023/24 Spring Semester Examinations Timetable

2023/24 Examination Dates

  • Spring semester examinations: 

Monday 13 May - Saturday 1 June 2024

  • Resit examinations for Year 1: Monday 19 August - Saturday 24 August 2024- including Saturdays
  • Resit examinations for Year 2/3/4/Master: Monday 19 August - Saturday 31 August 2024 - including Saturdays

Past Papers

Where to find past paper: 

  • NUBS China modules: the DSpace Repository
  • FoSE & CELE modules: Moodle (under the module's Moodle page)
  • FHSS modules:
    -Before Academic Year 2021-2022: the DSpace Repository
    -Starting from Academic Year 2022-2023: Moodle (under the module's Moodle page)

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