Learning Technologies

Enhancing teaching and learning through technology

The Learning Technologies team supports staff and students in effective and innovative approaches to the use of digital technologies and resources, for teaching, learning, assessment and research. Our approach to digital learning and use of innovative and emerging technologies ensure that our students have a high-quality learning experience. We are committed to promoting best practice and deliver innovative digital learning reflecting the quality and breadth of academic expertise at our institution.

We provide guidance, training and support on a number of educational tools and pedagogical approaches facilitating online assessments, online/hybrid teaching, promoting student engagement and collaboration as well as developing engaging teaching materials. We disseminate best practice through staff development, designated community of practice events and student digital literacy training.

Some of the main technologies and approaches we support include the following:

  • Learning management system
  • Online teaching apps
  • Lecture capture and recording platform
  • Audience response and interactive presentation tool
  • Interactive activity design tool
  • Online assessment systems
  • Multimedia and peer review assessments
  • AR/VR/XR education
  • Classroom technology solutions

Reach out to us on learning-technologies@nottingham.edu.cn for any queries.