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The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences is home to a stimulating range of disciplines and activities with teaching, student experience and research as the core. We offer liberal and practical education best suited to shape the professionals and leaders of tomorrow’s complex and challenging world.

We provide a wide range of exciting and inspiring taught programmes at undergraduate and postgraduate level, as well as research opportunities spanning the full breadth of our four schools. You will also have the opportunities to study a second language, allowing you to be in a unique position to appreciate the cultural complexity of the modern world.


Teaching and Learning

Our teaching is carried out in small groups, led by experienced and renowned teaching staff. Our teaching has been highly rated by our own students year after year as among the most approachable, enthusiastic and inspiring on the campus. Our library has collections of cutting-edge resources. Together with the state-of-the-art IT facilities and other dedicated learning spaces, we support this learning and encourage independent research and curiosity led discovery. 


Careers and Further Education

Our graduates are very successful in going on to further study and careers at prestigious institutions where advanced communication skills, analytical abilities and cultural awareness are highly sought after. We are proud that over 85% of our undergraduate students choose to continue with their education and enter postgraduate programmes in the world’s top universities. Many go on to do PhDs and become the next generation of academic researchers and teachers.



What Our Students Say


Nathan Beck Samuels
The International Studies programme explores issues more broadly than the original topics covers – encouraging students to investigate more deeply into certain topics and issues. In relations to politics, the course has a very international perspective thanks to the varying nationalities of the professors. This enables an international perspective on historic and current events which ultimately shape and influence politics and globalisation as we see today.
BA International Studies
ALMANZAR, Ashley Elizabeth 1
I chose UNNC because it was conveniently located when I was already living, Ningbo, and it offered me an international education in the field I wanted. The School of Education and English is also well known internationally which would open up opportunities anywhere in the world for me. That is the most important factor for me as an expatriate.
Ashley Elizabeth Almanzar
MA International Higher Education