Stories of Our Students

Julia AUGHENBAUGH_American_MA IHE (3)_9006001
Julia AUGHENBAUGH                                 
MA International Higher Education, America
“I've really enjoyed the opportunity to learn about higher education from an international perspective at UNNC. As an MA student in the International Higher Education program, I have taken an internship on campus each semester to learn more about university management. My course has organized trips to nearby universities so that we can learn more about other unique global partnerships. I get insight into the British education system at UNNC and the Chinese systems at other universities in the area. My education here has opened my mind to new systems of university management while also focusing my interests. I've also really enjoyed all of the free field trips and activities that the university offers, it has helped me get to know Chinese history and culture better."


"From this programme, I think the most beneficial part is doing a business plan. This prepares you for your future business. It makes you think about all the perspectives involved in running a business, and not just having an idea and desire to start your own business. We have to concern about product/services, financial matters, cashflow and the marketing plan. Some of these aspects I did not know. I had to study them to complete a business plan. After the study with Nottingham China, I am now running a successful business."

Kanjanaporn TIENCHAT-A-NAN_Thai_MSc EIM_900600

Kanjanaporn TIENCHAT-A-NAN

MSc Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management, Thailand


Nafisa SIMRAN_Bangladeshi_BA IB with Spanish_meitu_3


BA Hons International Business with Spanish, Bangladesh
"I've learned that to be a successful distance learner, you have to be self-disciplined and able to work well on your own since you won't be physically going to class each week, you can take part in class from the comfort of your own home.  The instructor wont constantly be there to remind you of assignments or of project deadlines, so it will be up to you to make sure that you are keeping up with all the work for the course. Also, one of the main objectives of college is to become a well-rounded individual, with the skills needed to successfully manage a busy agenda. "


"Life in China has been beneficial in many ways. It is worth to study in China if you want to acquire a better understanding of China. The living costs are less expensive, and you can learn so much about the Chinese culture, meet new people, learn Mandarin. It helps you get another image, or a more complete image of what you've learnt about the country in your textbooks or on TV. Next to that, Ningbo is a growing modern city with a strong history. Theatre, art, music, museums, culture, bars, restaurants… the city has plenty to offer."

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Maxime HOUBEN_Dutch and French_MA IR IB (3)_900600


MA International Relations and International Business, The Netherlands



Olamide BALOGUN_Nigeria_MSc EIM_900600


MSc Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management, Nigeria

"Having been a student of this university for 5 years now (undergraduate study for the first 4 years), I can safely say that I never thought I would be receiving the president’s award for the outstanding master student at the graduation ceremony. Let me tell you that it wasn’t always easy but the journey I can say was worth it. Have learnt along the way that 'for every NO I received brought me closer to the YES I never imagined'. I sincerely do want to thank everyone that has played a role in helping me reach a stage. I enjoyed my study here at UNNC."


"An inclusive campus with a unique international setting is what makes UNNC stand out, among a fully integrated community with a common campus culture. These qualities have not only made me feel like I have a sense of belonging, but also a purpose that has pushed me beyond my expectations to excel and achieve in my studies and personal enterprise.

Studying International Studies in a demanding, competitive and engaging environment with excellent academic staff adds immeasurable value to the programme and my work, one which will surely prepare me for the challenging currents of our continuously globalising world."

Petrit KRASNIQI_British_BSc IS_900600


BA Hons International Studies, UK


Hee Yeon Yoon_meitu_8

Hee Yeon YOON

BA Hons International Business with Chinese, South Korea

One of the reasons why I chose UNNC is because of its cultural diversity. As it is a global campus located in China, I could interact with teaching staffs and students with different nationalities and even outside the campus there were full of new things that I’ve never experienced before. Chinese culture was something that I was not used to, and I became interested in as I came to UNNC.

Thankfully, in UNNC there were lots of opportunities to learn and experience Chinese culture and language. I have attended Chinese cultural workshops organized by Confucius Institute, and Mandarin Corners where I could learn Chinese from students in UNNC. I was also in 2019 International Education Week Chinese Competition and won the first prize. It helped me a lot with my learning and developing a global mindset.


“UNNC is all I could ever ask for; I have been humbled in learning at the University of Nottingham. That the university has lots of international students is no surprise to me, UNNC has been a home to everyone and I am sure that is why so many universities have been proud to send their students here as exchange students to enjoy the warm, cozy and homely nature of UNNC.”

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Israel OWOLABI_Nigerian_MSc Finance and Investment_April 2020 (1)_meitu_12


MSc Finance and Investment, Nigeria
Gebryella PRAYOGO_Indonesian_Computer Science 4+0_900600

Gabryella PRAYOGO

BSc Hons Computer Science

If you want to be in a community that makes a positive difference to the university, you could participate in an organization called Vis-à-Vis (VAV), which aims to build a bridge between international and domestic students.

In fact, VAV is the organization that I am proud to become a part of. Offering different programmes and departments, I am specifically enrolled in the Traveling Programme and IT Department. Because of VAV, I was able to participate in bringing the international and domestic students together through traveling events, while meeting new people that exposed me to their different cultures.

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