Transforming patient care

From helping to train highly-skilled GPs anywhere in the world, to data accumulation to improve the way patients are cared for, our dedicated researchers are committed to improving healthcare in China and across the world.

Our transformative research focuses on making a real-life impact on patients and the public. Drawing on our expertise and collaborating with local hospitals and practitioners, our research will help to develop cost-effective practices to improve healthcare, and ensure patients receive the very best treatment.


Mining health data to improve medical care

Ningbo has a population of nearly eight million people and has some of the best digital healthcare records in China. The country has high rates of smoking and lung cancer, and high blood pressure is also a major problem. Our experts are working to establish a new Centre for Evidence-based Healthcare which will aim to analyse population health records and develop new risk scores for cancer, heart and lung disease – improving medical diagnosis and treatment.

Improving primary care training

Helping to address the serious shortage of GPs in China, our academics are collaborating with the UK on a unique project set to benefit GPs of the future. By using the experiences of patients, educators and trainee doctors we will be able to recommend improvements to primary care training in both the UK and China. Our pioneering research will drive forward excellence in clinical training, and ultimately raise the quality of healthcare in both countries.


Inspiring people

Professor Richard Hubbard

Improving patient care through data

Dr Chengbo Wang

"Super imaging" sheds new light on diseases