International Studies combines the disciplines of history, international relations and politics. The study in IS has provided students with a solid foundation and thinking ability, which helps them develop better in the future. With more than 400 students, the school delivers a strong multi-discipline programme at both undergraduate and graduate levels.


Internships are an important part of your professional journey to your career and dream jobs. International Studies prepares you with unique opportunities to enhance your skills and round up the ‘total package’ of your IS degree.

Career and Further Study

International Studies makes you fit to succeed in a competitive world of work and world top 10 and 50 university postgraduate programmes. Over 85% of our graduates choose to further their education and were admitted by the world top universities all over the world. The other graduates found jobs with prominent Chinese and international employers in business and government agencies

Our Alumni Community

Welcome to our new alumni! You might be leaving UNNC, but UNNC will never leave you. We'll be here for you throughout the rest of your life.