Welcome to the School of Education and English

The School of Education and English at UNNC brings together the tremendous skills and expertise of our schools in the UK and Malaysia, encouraging our academics here to work together on programmes and projects involving Applied Linguistics, International Higher Education, TESOL, Translation and Interpreting, Cognitive Neuroscience, Literature and Drama, and many other fields.


Our Education experts train hundreds of teachers each year and work with hundreds of others on higher degrees and professional development.  Our other degree courses provide gateways to many careers.  Our English students develop understanding of the ways that language works - in the professions, in literature, in academia - and how it has developed as a communication tool for millions of people worldwide.  In doing so, these students prepare themselves for employment in a vast range of areas, such as business and finance, journalism, publishing and teaching.  Our Translation and Interpreting students are directly trained in the necessary skills by our team of professionals, and while many go on to work as translators and interpreters, many also use their skills to facilitate careers in industry, the public sector, or teaching.   

Our courses deepen students’ appreciation of the nature of teaching and learning, the complexity and creativity of the English language, and the nature of human talk and communication.  Most importantly, students learn how to think critically, how to research effectively, and how to communicate in a wide variety of contexts.

Our graduates are highly successful in going on to further study and careers at prestigious institutions where advanced communication skills, analytical abilities and cultural awareness are highly sought after. 

We welcome you to join our international community!