Welcome to the Language Centre

Broadening horizons, thriving in a connected world at the Language Centre!

Join UNNC’s vibrant language learning community and expand both your horizons and your employment opportunities. The Language Centre provides the language skills and competencies for you to communicate effectively in everyday life and work settings. The ability to use foreign languages is highly valued by employers, so we continuously review our programmes to make sure they are providing the language skills you need once you graduate.

The learning management system (LMS) Moodle gives you access to your full course with online activities to support your learning experience. In UNNC Library, you will find a wide range of resources to plan, organise, and facilitate your independent language learning. 

What we offer

High-quality language courses with international recognition delivered by a professional team of language experts. We deliver 10 and 20 credits language modules from ‘beginners’ to ‘advanced’ level across languages with multiple entry points (depending on your previous language learning experience).

  • Korean (Stage 1-3)
  • French (Stage 1-4)
  • German (Stage 1-4)
  • Japanese (Stage 1-4)
  • Spanish (Stage 1-4)
  • Mandarin (Stage 1-5)

Outreach Portfolio

Language Centre provides tailored courses and a wide range of extra-curricular activities to enhance your cultural awareness and encourage you to appreciate diversity.

Language Centre Team

A multicultural team of qualified and skilled language tutors will guide and support your learning experience, with a communicative method and an approachable style.


Contact us

T: 86 +(0)574 8818000-8355
Email: lc-enquiries@nottingham.edu.cn