What we offer

As part of your degree course

The University offers a number of courses which allow students to opt to study languages as part of their degree course. Each 20 credit module normally has five to six hours tuition per week, covering speaking, listening, reading and writing. The courses which offer language studies can be found at A-Z course listing


Levels and credits
 Levels Credits Module Title
1 10 General French Through Tourism 1A/1B, German Language and Culture 1A/1B, Communicative Japanese 1A/1B, Spanish Language and Culture 1A/1B, Korean Language and Culture 1A/1B, Mandarin Listening and Speaking 1A/1B
20 French 1A/1B, German 1A/1B, Spanish 1A/1B, Japanese 1A/1B, Korean 1A/1B, Mandarin 1A/1B
2 10 Inter Faculty French 2A/2B, Inter Faculty German 2A/2B, Inter Faculty Japanese 2A/2B, Inter Faculty Spanish 2A/2B, Inter Faculty Korean 2A/2B, Mandarin Listening and Speaking 2A/2B
20 French 2A/2B, German 2A/2B, Spanish 2A/2B, Japanese 2A/2B, Korean 2A/2B, Mandarin 2A/2B
3 10 Inter Faculty French 3A/3B, Inter Faculty German 3A/3B, Inter Faculty Japanese 3A/3B, Inter Faculty Spanish 3A/3B, Inter Faculty Korean 3A/3B, Mandarin Listening and Speaking 3A/3B
20 French 3A/3B, German 3A/3B, Spanish 3A/3B, Japanese 3A/3B, Korean 3A/3B, Mandarin 3A/3B
4 10 Inter Faculty French 4A/4B, Inter Faculty German 4A/4B, Inter Faculty Japanese 4A/4B, Inter Faculty Spanish 4A/4B, Inter Faculty Korean 4A/4BMandarin for Business Part A/Part B
20 French 4A/4B, German 4A/4B, Spanish 4A/4B, Japanese 4A/4B, Korean 4A/4B, Mandarin 4A/4B
5 10 Inter Faculty French 5A/5B, Inter Faculty German 5A/5B, Inter Faculty Japanese 5A/5B, Inter Faculty Spanish 5A/5BMandarin for News Part A/Part B
20 French 5A/5B, German 5A/5B, Spanish 5A/5B, Japanese 5A/5B, Mandarin 5A/5B
6 20 Mandarin 6A/6B, Advanced Chinese Discourse Skills (for non-Chinese speakers only)