Exchange and Study Abroad

The School of International Studies is proud of its global opportunities for students. Our mobility schemes for UNNC students going abroad and for students from all over the world coming to UNNC comprises more than 40 active partner universities around the world. 

Exchange out 

Understanding the world means discovering it

Our school actively promotes that students study abroad in their 3rd year of their degree at UNNC. Most of our partner universities are eligible for all our undergraduate programmes (International Studies and International Studies with Languages). Encountering new challenges will be rewarding for your future careers and for your understanding of different cultures and societies.

Partner Universities:

  • University of Nottingham (UK)
  • University of Nottingham (Malaysia)
  • University of Applied Sciences Bremen (Germany)  
  • Brunel University, London (UK)   
  • Aberystwyth University (UK)

Get ready for a globalised environment

Most of our students choose to learn a second foreign language in International Studies. You will become fluent when studying at one of our prestigious partner universities in those countries, and substantially increase your employability after you graduate.

Being an IS student is a privilege

As a student in International Studies, you can choose from three different categories of exchange partners: our sister schools within the Tri-Campus scheme, our exclusive partner universities where only IS students can exchange, and the UNNC-wide exchange programme.

Many of our students have chosen to go to Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand in the last years.

Among those universities are Amsterdam (The Netherlands), Bocconi (Italy), Bremen (Germany), Brunel (UK), Copenhagen (Denmark), Nottingham (UK or Malaysia), Toulouse (France), Eastern Finland (Finland), Bucknell (USA), Butler (USA), Connecticut (USA), College of Charleston (USA), South Florida (USA), Tennessee (USA), British Columbia Vancouver (Canada), Canterbury (New Zealand) and New South Wales (Australia).

Yifei Shao
I always think it is essential for IS students to give everything we like a shot. Fortunately, I found where my passion lies during my exchange: environmental security/environmental policy/the Anthropocene condition/sustainability. This semester, I enrolled in the Environmental History module, which examines the history of ecological ideas and attitudes to nature alongside the history of human impacts on the environment globally. With some critical reflections, I wrote something related to these areas in my essay assessments. I had the opportunity to talk with professors and researchers in the Asia Research Institute at UNUK, engaging in networking events and guest lectures/sharing sessions. I came up with some immature ideas and tried to form an argument. Thus, I delivered a poster presentation with my friend at the Asia Undergraduate Research Symposium (Thanks to Dr JeongWon Bourdais Park for offering suggestions and help on my proposal). I am considering further researching these fields in my Year 4 dissertation when backing UNNC.

Regarding extra-curricular activities, I am also a volunteer for Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust (benefit of local wildlife) and Woodgreen (pets protection) in the UK, volunteering at a nature reserve in Nottingham during my free time. I aim to address the rise of popular movements concerned with the environment and the necessity of environmental protection through some practical action. I have also participated in social practice activities like the Model United Nations UNEP/UNDP/ECOSOC/UNESCO conferences. I have gained an understanding of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and other related environmental issues. I have acted as a chairperson at the 21st Century China Daily Model UN conferences, drafting background guidance documents.

I want to encourage all IS students to figure out what we want and be open to the changing future. We can explore the meanings after trying different things (e.g., activities, internships, etc.). 

Yifei (Desmond) SHAO
BA International Studies, Year 3

For more information about UNNC exchange & study abroad programmes, please consult with the University Global page.

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