Internships are an important part of your professional journey to your career and dream jobs. International Studies prepares you with unique opportunities to enhance your skills and round up the ‘total package’ of your IS degree.


CAIS – Internships

The Centre for Advanced International Studies (CAIS) as the School’s Research Centre provides multiple opportunities for students to learn valuable skills in different fields that will give you ‘real-world’ experience in research and operational environments.

We offer two strands of internships on an annual basis:

• Operations/Logistics Assistantships

• Research Assistantships

For applications details and details, please follow the calls sent around by the Centre Director (each year in June/July).


GLAM Internships (Gardens, Libraries and Museums)

Ningbo is a city of rich historical legacies and international connections. The city hosts a large number of museums that help you learn aspects of conservation of culture, public history and heritage. The School facilitates and offers internship opportunities with many museums (like the Tianyige Library Museum) either through university agreements or separate schemes.

Internship at Tianyige 2



“I am very very very happy to have such a wonderful experience, so that I am able to bridge the gap between my knowledge learning and real-life experience in a research institution. Further, I am very happy to make so many new friends at UNNC during my internship.” (Yubo Liu, IS Year 3)


Other internship opportunities (IOs)

Information on internships in selected major international organisations (intergovernmental and international non-governmental) is available below – do make sure to check these websites regularly for the most updated information, such as deadlines for submitting applications and eligibility criteria.  Kindly note that programmes vary, with internships being available for undergraduates and/or graduates and postgraduates:

Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB):

Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN):

Greenpeace International:

International Labour Organization (ILO):

International Monetary Fund (IMF):

UN Women:

UNDP (Development Programme):

UNEP (Environmental Programme):


UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO):



UN International Organization for Migration (IOM):

UN World Food Programme (WFP):

World Bank (WB):

World Health Organization (WHO):

World Trade Organisation (WTO):