Inspiring people

We help our inspiring people to inspire others. The University of Nottingham is fortunate to have a huge number of exceptional researchers working with us. Their work inspires students, government policy and world-changing technologies and ideas.


Professor Hing Kai Chan

Transforming knowledge into operational excellence

Dr Jin Chen

Empowering innovation

Professor Jim Greer

Making chips smarter and cheaper

Dr Thomas Hirzel

Telling local stories to the world

Professor Xiuping Hua

Fintech and technology financing

Dr Celia Lam

Understanding ourselves and the changing world

Dr Xiaoling Liu

Developing innovative composites for sustainability

Dr Chengbo Wang

"Super imaging" sheds new light on diseases

Professor Tao Wu

Improving air and water quality through ultra-low fuel emissions

Professor Xiaosu Yi

Developing sustainable materials

Dr He (Alan) Zhang

Greener transportation