Pioneering a cleaner, greener future

As pressures mount to find cleaner energy alternatives to fossil fuels, our world-class researchers are pioneering alternative electrical power sources that will enable the transportation system of the future. By drawing on our expertise across disciplines, industrial partnerships and research collaborations, we aim to build an international profile for high-impact transport research.


Powerful design for the future

Our experts in electrochemical technologies have invented a supercapattery – a device that combines the advantages of a battery and supercapacitors. A supercapattery’s energy content is electricity that does not release carbon dioxide, but still does the same job of powering vehicles such as buses, light railway trains and underground trains, leading to a world less dependent on fossil fuels.

Our dedicated Composite Group is working closely with national and international industrial partners to conduct research at the forefront of composite materials science to support greener, electrified transport. They drive the promotion of the commercialisation of high-impact scientific research, technologies and solutions to the composite industry. 

By helping to deliver forward-thinking, environmentally conscious systems, we will benefit societies in China and across the world, making unprecedented advances in fuel savings and carbon neutral travel.

Inspiring people

Professor Dragos Axinte

Higher-performance machined components

Professor Jim Greer

Making chips smarter and cheaper


Dr He (Alan) Zhang

Greener transportation

Professor Xiaosu Yi

Developing sustainable materials