26 November 2022: Dr Matteo Salonia gave a talk on “Magellan's Voyage and the Origins of a Globalized World.”

In November 2022, Dr Matteo Salonia gave a public talk on the age of European explorations in collaboration with Ningbo Library. 2022 marks the 500th anniversary of the Magellan-Elcano voyage (1519-1522), the first circumnavigation of the world. In his talk, Dr. Salonia introduced the context of this voyage, stressing the political rivalry between the Iberian kingdoms of Castile and Portugal, the discoveries of complex oceanic currents and winds, and the mapping of the African coast. The opening and integration of the Atlantic world was the true springboard of early modern globalization, and Ferdinand Magellan’s expedition was in a sense the crowning achievement of this process, as it found the Western strait to the ‘the Indies’ and China. The core of the presentation focused on Magellan’s voyage, especially its objectives, achievements, and expansion of geographic knowledge, giving voice to some of the people writing about it at the time, such as the Italian knight Antonio Pigafetta. Pigafetta was among the few survivors of the expedition, and his account was a literary masterpiece that introduced images of Asia into 16th-century Europe and spread the news that all the oceans of the world are one.

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July 2021. The Centre for Advanced International Studies launches book series with State University of New York Press
 The Centre for Advanced International Studies (CAIS) is proud to announce that it has agreed a book series with the State University of New York Press. The SUNY-CAIS series in “Global Connections” will host contributions around the strategic priorities of the School of International Studies on the nature of global change in past and present. In locating the transformative nature of connections in the global and tying these globalisms back to the local, the book series will cater for an increasing interest in the change across long distances. Thus, the Centre implements the mission of International Studies as an effective research-driven school that will enhance the research and visibility of the school in collaboration with world-leading experts from around the world. SUNY Press 

June 2021. Collaborative workshop on the Belt and Road Initiative at New York University Shanghai Campus 

David E Kiwuwa attended a collaborative workshop on the Belt and Road Initiative on June 19th at New York University Shanghai Campus that was sponsored by the Center for Global Asia. This mixed modality workshop which was both off and online attracted emerging and established scholars in the field of BRI. During the workshop, participants presented substantive research outcomes while others reflected on potential research areas of collaboration. David’s own talk was focused on infrastructural development in the global south and China’s involvement thereof. In particular, his talk made a case for reflecting on the role of local agency in infrastructural development an area that is still insufficiently understood and under-researched. Further conversations were held about future BRI collaborative opportunities between individual researchers, centers and institutions.



Collaborative workshop 


April 2021. “Imperial Powers and Humanitarian Interventions” – Academic Talk

On 28 April, the Schools of International Studies and Education & English jointly organized a Faculty talk on Humanitarian Interventions by the Imperial Powers Britain and France in the Indian Ocean in the 19th century. Dr. Raphaël Cheriau from the French School in Shanghai presented his research on the Zanzibar Sultanate, Britain, and France and the question of international law between 1860 and 1905 to a large, interested audience. His research was published with Routledge in 2021. Dr Cheriau’s talk complemented the growing research strength of the School of International Studies on humanitarianism in past and present.

Academic Talk 


April 2021. The School features in the Sustainability Development Goals Research Exhibition at UNNC

On 28 April, UNNC launched its first research exhibition under the theme “Creating a Sustainable World”. The exhibition focused on research projects in the areas of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The School of International Studies highlighted three of their ongoing projects. Research in the School relates and contributes in multiple ways to sustainability under the UN and UNESCO frameworks as part of the social impact of the humanities and social sciences.

Research Exhibition 


April 2021. “Global Middle Ages” across Eurasia – Academic Talk

On 16 April, the School hosted Dr. Teng Li from Shanghai Normal University to present a talk titled: “Global Middle Ages”, focused on understanding global connected across Eurasia". The talk contributes to an emerging research field in the “Global, Imperial and Transnational Histories” research cluster that addresses global connections and their local manifestations across time and space. Dr. Li recently co-authored a journal article with Dr. Matteo Salonia. The talk is part of continuing and ongoing collaborations between the School and external research partners.

Global Middle Ages 


April 2021. Evidence-based Policy Research – Academic Talk

On 2 April, the Centre for Advanced International Studies (CAIS) hosted Distinguished Professor Xiaogang Wu of NYU Shanghai and New York University. Professor Wu meet with colleagues from the faculty and presented a talk titled: “Building a Comprehensive Database for Social Science and Evidence-based Policy Research: Shanghai and Hong Kong” as part of the CAIS Invited Speaker Series. The talk was well attended by both staff and students. Evidence-based Policy Research 


Knowledge Exchange, Media and Outreach

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2020 Matteo Salonia presented a paper on European images of Asia in the 16th century at the Institute of Historical Research (London) and a contribution on late medieval tax rebellions to the Mises Institute.