The Global Institute for Silk Roads Studies is the premier hub for the interdisciplinary study and research on China–Afro-Eurasian relations.

Located at the University of Nottingham Ningbo China (UNNC), the Institute integrates meaningful research on the cultural, historical, political, social, technological, and economic connectivity across the Afro-Eurasian maritime, littoral, and continental spaces. 

The Institute provides space for creative synergies between the global campuses of the University of Nottingham – in the UK, China, and Malaysia, as well as our partners and collaborators in China and across the world.

Our mission and vision

The Global Institute for Silk Roads Studies is a creative space for thinking and responding to the challenges and opportunities of connectivity in Afro-Eurasia by exploring the intersection between their past, present and future trajectories.

The three strategic aims of the Institute are:

  • To increase the visibility of research on China–Afro-Eurasian relations at UNNC making UNNC the global hub for such research;
  • To establish UNNC as a preferred partner for collaborative projects on China–Afro-Eurasian relations; 
  • To develop UNNC as a preferred host for students and scholars interested in researching the full spectrum of dynamics of China– Afro-Eurasian relations.