Current PhD Research Projects

Guanyu LUO

  • The Cinema of Lou Ye (娄烨): Liquid Modernity On & Off-Screen

Jiayi LI

  • Programming the State-sanctioned Film Festival: Mediating Cinephilia and Political Agenda

Shengdan CAI

  • Memory Practices in Physical and Virtual Reconstructions of the Past

Shiyu TANG

  • Research on the immersive theatrical theme park in the context of artistic creation and reception: a case study of Unique Henan - Land of Dramas (只有河南·戏剧幻城)

Shuhan LIN

  • The Postmemory Generation and Maoist Past in Chinese Cinema since the 2000s

Sifang AN

  • Cultural Diplomacy Film Festivals at Home: BRI Film Festivals in China

Tianren LIU

  • Ambient Sounds in Cinematic Virtual Reality

Tingting SHEN

  • The Comparative Studies of Business Models between Legacy News media and Digital-only News Media in China

Xianqin WU

  • Gender Inequality, Class-Bound Relationships, and Filial Piety: Contextualized Use of Dating Apps in China

Xiaolin SUN

  • The Use of Immersive Digital Technologies in Ethnic Minority Cultures Narration and Representation


  • Ludo-spectatorship as gaming and metagaming: exploring the pleasure throughout videogames with Actor-Network Theory

Xuefei TONG

  • From amateur to amateur-professional in China online cultural production: An exploratory study of China online cultural producer’s identity transition

Yijiao WANG

  • The Role of Social Media Influencers in Public Diplomacy

Yizhe CUI

  • Media Spectacle in China - Exploring the Interaction Between Influencer Persona Strategies and Power Structures in an Era of Radical Change


  • Framing financial news: Exploring the relationships between journalists, news frames, and stakeholders in China in the digital age


  • Contemporary Main Melody Film and the Domestic Dimension of Cultural Diplomacy in China

Yufei WANG

  • Soft masculinity as conspicuous cultural consumption in post-reform China