In a short space of time, the audio-visual LAB at UNNC has played a key role in the development of IC’s filmmaking capabilities, including helping to forge an historical partnership with ARRI, who are renowned for pioneering film technology. IC will support UNNC to establish the First ARRI Academy Partnership of Virtual Production & Motion Capture in Asia. This collaboration evidences IC's commitment to educating the next generation of talent through their state-of-the-art video production technology. The LAB boasts a diverse selection of camera systems, from entry-level to top-tier models such as the Sony FX3 and FX9, alongside the prestigious ARRI Alexa Mini LF system. Notably, the Mini LF camera system has been used for the filming of major productions, which include The Batman (2022), Dune (2021), Ted Lasso (2020–2023) and Stranger Things (2016–).

Complementing such camera systems, the audio-visual Lab offers a diverse range of lenses including zoom, prime, and anamorphic, enabling students to realise their creative vision by achieving a particular cinematic look. Beyond camera systems, students have access to industry standard grip equipment and lighting technology, ensuring all the components required for a professional film shoot are readily available.

Yet, the LAB is more than an equipment repository. It functions as a hub for creativity and experimentation, providing a space for staff and students to engage in extracurricular video production activities. Equipped with state-of-the-art Apple MAC Computers, the LAB streamlines the professional post-production workflow, facilitating the creation of award-winning films. Notably, the LAB recently supported IC undergraduate student Jiawei Yao in producing a short film that won Best Film at the Cineaste International Film Festival of India (CIFFI), highlighting the LAB's central role in supporting the development of the next generation of cinematic talent.