About Us


Welcome to the Digital Heritage Centre.

The Digital Heritage Centre focuses on the adoption, use and impact of transformative technologies on how we approach the study of culture through the interpretation, representation and criticism of meanings and assumptions that constitute our cultural heritage. Digital heritage research can be posited within the broader scope of the field of Digital Humanities, and within the rapidly expanding community pushing boundaries and conducting interdisciplinary research that spans the Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences, and the Sciences and Engineering. Here, we list the topics that are of direct relevance to the research interests of our scholars. We are open for collaborators and potential PhD candidates to discuss ideas and scope future research directions.

  • Adoption and use of digital technologies within heritage sites and GLAMs
  • Art, creativity and cultural heritage
  • Blockchains, art and cultural heritage
  • Crowdsourcing and Communities⁃ Cultural studies and analysis
  • Digital capture and representation of living memories and nostalgia
  • Digital documentation, preservation and communication of cultural heritage
  • Digital games as popular heritage
  • Ethnography and narrative/transmedia story-telling
  • Game studies, serious games and the application of games in heritage environments
  • Heritage science and digital technologies
  • Impacts of digital technologies on teaching and learning in cultural heritage
  • IP, rights and ownership of objects
  • Social Media and Chinese short movies as cultural heritage
  • Social interaction, communications and multiuser heritage environments
  • The digital nature of objects and environments
  • The nature and philosophy of digital objects
  • The broader scope of cultural heritage and the creative cultural industry
  • Virtual and computational archaeology
  • Virtual and augmented objects and environments