• Applying for internships and careers in the arts or creative industries, the film or advertising industries, television or journalism, or even the games industry in Shanghai.
  • Moving on to gain Masters degrees or PhDs at the most illustrious universities in the world

These are just a few of the things our previous graduates have gone on to do.

What Is International Communications?

International Communications degrees explore the complex world of communications, media and culture through the study of the different forms of visual and linguistic communication, new technologies, politics, popular and high culture, and news media. These courses train students in theories of digital media and mass communication, combined with a strong emphasis on language proficiency.

During their time with us students investigate the places and roles of various media and communication practices in everyday life, both as industries and cultural practices. Various courses encourage students to analyse film, television and other screen and mobile media within contexts of production, exhibition and reception. Students on the course also gain expertise in social and cultural context, textual analysis and empirical research.

How Will I Study?

The School of International Communications is part of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. The school offers thriving undergraduate and postgraduate programmes and a teaching and research culture of the highest quality. On all courses in the school, students will explore the history, theory and practice of film, television, games and other communications media, along with the political, social, economic and cultural contexts within which media production and consumption occur.

Additionally, the programme is flexible, allowing students to select relevant modules from other schools to fully round out their education on culture and communication.

What Can I Expect?

The undergraduate programme at the School of International Communications is a diverse and exciting range of topics taught by a team of teachers who come from all corners of the globe. Here, students will hear the latest research and ideas from scholars who not only publish their own work internationally but who travel around the world to hear their peers and colleagues debate, theorise and present their work.

The undergraduate programme includes lectures and seminars on the latest technology, on developing theories around how we communicate and on important global trends as they unfold before us.

Teaching modules introduce undergraduates to new worlds of ideas, experiences and challenges and equip them with a truly international perspective. These modules include introductions to communications theory, media studies, communication and culture. Students are also offered options to take modules on the cultural and creative industries, film, game studies, digital media, and a range of other contemporary topics.

Along with the teaching programme, undergraduates will also find an excellent library, including an audio-visual centre for watching films and dvds, sporting facilities and a variety of social events aimed at improving language and communication skills.

Featured Student

It seems my life has been faring quite smoothly so far. After graduating from UNNC, I successfully enrolled in a master’s programme. After I got my MA, I started my internship at Hill+Knowlton Strategies. Two weeks later, I was accepted as a regular employee. Now it has been one entire year. Time does fly as I routinely deal with my tough clients and work into late night. Occasionally I feel lost while becoming mature. I realize the adults’ world only unfold after you start your career. I start to let things go, and face challenges with a clearer mind, though I still feel confused at times. Deep in my heart, I know there is something extraordinary in myself drowned in spite of the ordinary life. I have developed a passion for self-media since my college years, and all my devotion has been rewarded by a sense of satisfaction, excitement and fulfillment. That is a space I carve out of the time squeezed by work. Life is short, and I hope all of you will find the proper style of your life and where your passion lies. There ought to be something extraordinary buried under the ordinary appearance. Wish you all the best!   

Ziyi Yang
Graduated in 2017
BA International Communications Studies