Master's programme

The master's programmes at the School of International Communication are rapidly developing into highly-acclaimed, unique post-graduate qualifications.

Taught by a highly international team of scholars, the addition of new modules reflecting a growing interest in journalism, means MA students within the school have a rich vein of scholarship to tap into and use to develop their own interests and ideas.

An important component to postgraduate students' studies within the school is the preparation of their dissertations. Students within the school will find a helpful and knowledgeable team of scholars readily available to assist them in this vital task, ensuring dissertations are of the highest standard.

PhD programme


Current Research Areas of Supervisors
Name Research Interests

Dr Mary J. Ainslie

Associate Professor in Media and Cultural Studies

  • Transnational pan-Asian media depictions
  • Southeast Asian current social issues
  • Media consumption in Southeast Asia

Professor Eugene Ch’ng

Professor of Cultural Computing, NVIDIA Joint-Lab on Mixed Reality, NVIDIA Technology Centre

  • Digital heritage
  • Mixed reality
  • Virtual reality

Dr Filippo Gilardi, PFHEA

Head of School of International Communications
Associate Professor in Creative Industries and Transmedia

  • Creative industries
  • Digital media
  • Transmedia

Dr Celia Lam

Interim Dean of FHSS
Associate Professor in Media and Cultural Studies

  • Aesthetics of digital media production;
  • Audience and fan experience and uses of digital media;
  • Celebrity culture

Dr Bjarke Liboriussen

Associate Professor in Digital and Creative Media


  • Creative industries
  • Game studies
  • Culturally specific gaming practices

Dr Paul Martin

Associate Professor in Digital Media and Communications

  • Meaning in digital games
  • Phenomenology in digital games
  • Chinese esports

Dr Corey Kai Nelson Schultz

Associate Professor in Media & Communication Studies

  • Chinese art film
  • Chinese visual culture
  • Film phenomenology

Dr Xiaoge Xu 

Associate Professor in Media and Communication Studies

  • Mobile studies
  • Creative studies
  • Experience studies

Dr Shixin Ivy Zhang

Associate Professor in Journalism Studies


  • Journalism studies
  • Media and conflict
  • Media management
  • Media globalisation
  • Digital media

Dr Teodor Mitew

Associate Professor in Digital Media and Communications


  • Online swarms
  • Meme warfare
  • Anonymous online groups/online extermism

Dr Vikrant Kishore

Associate Professor in International Communications

  • Creative/Filmmaking Practices
  • Cinema and Celebrity Culture (Indian/Bollywood, Asian, American)
  • Intangible Cultural Heritage (Folk and Cultural Traditions and Practices, Folk Festivals)

Dr Thomas Hirzel

Assistant Professor in Digital Humanities and Chinese Studies

  • The Socio-Economic and Cultural History of Ningbo
  • Chinese Cultural Heritage and Museum Studies
  • Chinese Art History
  • Digital Humanities

Dr Thomas Whyke

Assistant Professor in International Communications

  • Gender
  • Sexuality studies