The Apple MAC LAB at UNNC is not just any MAC Lab. The space has been tailor-made to ensure that practical post-production workshops are delivered to the highest of standards, offering students a world-class educational experience. The Apple Mac LAB has been purposed to streamline the professional workflow of video post-production, offering industry standard software, such as Adobe Creative Cloud, Final Cut Pro, Avid Pro Tools and Davinci Resolve Studio. This state-of-the-art facility ensures students can optimise high-end audio-visual equipment, such as the ARRI Alexa Camera System given it can facilitate films shot in the largest file format: namely RAW.

IC developed this LAB to ensure that students can realise their creative ambitions, given every computer workstation facilitates the editing of an entire feature film project shot on ARRI RAW. The attention to detail of the MAC Lab is clear to see upon arrival, as each workstation is populated by two 5K ultra-HD 27-inch monitors that integrate nanotechnology to reduce glare and reflection, along with a professional colour grading panel to streamline the professional workflow of a colourist.

Yet, the MAC Lab does not only cater to those interested in becoming an editor, sound mixer, or colourist, but even to those wishing to create an original movie soundtrack. IC’s partnership with Arturia, leaders in music technology, symbolises their ambition to provide students with education in every aspect of creative production.