We have a vibrant research culture at the Digital Heritage Centre, with decades of research and practical experience in both large and small scale projects funded by research councils in the UK, Europe and within China. We have a portfolio of research and industry projects working in collaboration with cultural institutions such as art galleries and museums, and the creative cultural industry. We welcome active researchers and visiting scholars, please contact us and start a conversation!



Dr Thomas Hirzel, Director


Members (Alphabetical Order)

  1. Prof. Eugene Ch’ng, Professor of Cultural Computing
  2. Dr Filippo Gilardi, Head of School of International Communications
  3. Dr Thomas Hirzel, Associate Professor in Digital Humanities
  4. Dr Bjarke Liboriussen, Assistant Professor in Digital and Creative Media
  5. Dr Paul Martin, Associate Professor in Digital Media and Communications
  6. Dr K. Cohen Tan, Associate Professor in Digital Media and Communications


PhD Students 

1. Xiaolin Sun, PhD Student