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Prof. Andrew P. White

Professor of Creative Industries & Digital Media, School of International Communications

 Andrew White


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Room 434, Trent Building 
199 Taikang East Road   
Ningbo,China 315100

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BA Hons (Glos.)
MA (Belfast)
PhD (Belfast) 

Biography & Expertise Summary

Andrew White's main research and teaching interests are on the impact of digital media on contemporary society, and the development of the cultural and creative industries in China. He has published his research in the form of journal articles, book chapters and a single-authored monograph with Palgrave Macmillan entitled Digital Media & Society; a Portuguese translation of this book was published in 2016. His journalistic articles on the creative industries and digital media have appeared in the China Daily, Washington Post and The Guardian. He is currently the Director of the AHRC Centre for Digital Copyright and IP Research in China. 

Teaching and learning



• Emergence and Development of the Culture Industry

• The New Media World

• BA Dissertation Supervision

• Researching Communications 1


• MA Dissertation Supervision

• PhD Supervision

• Media and Communication Theory


Research Interests

Digital Media; Creative Industries; Digital Copyright


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Peer-reviewed articles in journals

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Chapters in edited books

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Non-refereed articles and reviews

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