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Welcome to the Institute for Mobile Studies.


The Institute for Mobile Studies (IMS) aims to promote and conduct studies of mobile media and communication as an emerging field of scientific research. In collaboration with the mobile industries and its counterparts in universities in UK, Malaysia, China, and beyond, IMS integrates its efforts in research, education and consultancy, covering the following areas of mobile studies: mobile government, mobile health, mobile journalism, mobile learning, mobile advertising, mobile marketing, mobile storytelling, mobile photography, mobile filmmaking, mobile business, mobile commerce, mobile experience, and mobile economy.

IMS has proposed “mobile experience” as a key concept for interdisciplinary investigation in different areas of mobile studies within the framework of “experience economy”. Besides its annual Mobile Studies Summer School, IMS also organizes its annual International Mobile Storytelling Congress. Furthermore, IMS also hosts its Academia-Industry Summit Series (AISS), Research Talk Series (RTS), and Mobile Studies Workshops (MSW) on a regular basis.

The current key projects at IMS include (1) mapping, measuring, and modelling the mobile industries in UK, China, Malaysia, and beyond, (2) enhancing mobile experience in different areas of human activities, (3) investigating the role and impact of mobile devices on the digital economy in One Belt and One Road Initiative countries, (4) mobile healthcare among third agers in China and beyond, (5) the role and impact of mobile for sustainable development in underdeveloped and developing countries.

Furthermore, IMS also collaborates with its global partners, individual or institutional, to conduct the following projects: (1) Applying Mobile Technologies to Chinese Language Learning (a book project scheduled to be published by IGI Global by 2020), (2) International Mobile Storytelling Congress (co-organized with the Mobile Innovation Network & Association and Mobile Studies International), and (3) Mobile Studies Summer Schools (MSSS) to be held in rotating cities around the world (co-organized with Mobile Studies International).

IMS welcomes professors and professionals of mobile media and communication from around the world to join us as research fellows or vising scholars to co-conduct research projects on any topic related to mobile media and communication. Benefits for our research fellows include, not limited to, research visits to our institute, joint or solo research projects funded and/or hosted by IMS, and discount registration fees for attending International Mobile Storytelling Congress (IMSC). We will also offer our research fellows chances to co-organize Academia-Industry Summit Series (AISS), Research Talk Series (RTS), and Mobile Studies Workshops (MSW) on a regular basis.

To contribute to the global efforts to groom scholars of mobile studies, IMS is also recruiting more PhD students. For more information, please write to