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Career Prospects

Our students prove to be highly articulate and develop good writing, presentation, teamwork, negotiation, research and documentation skills. They were admitted to top 100 ranked institutions in the UK, Australia, China (Hong Kong) and the US. Destinations included University College of London and Imperial College London in the UK; University of Hong Kong in China (Hong Kong); University of Melbourne in Australia; and New York University in the US. Additionally, second (or third) language acquisition as part of their undergraduate degree enabled IC graduates to pursue further study in Spain, France and Japan.

In terms of employment, graduates trained by IC are mainly engaged in the following fileds:

  • Media
  • Public relations
  • Marketing
  • TV station
  • Advertisement


 Statistics on further development

*Statistics supplied by the Admissions and Career Development Office.


112 International Communications students graduated in 2018 and most went on to pursue a Master’s degree. The remaining found work in a range of careers, including in marketing, PR and film production.