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The Zimbabwe Crisis: The Rise and Fall of Great Men and What China got to do with it?

Abstract:Zimbabwe one of China’s closest allies in Africa, whom President Xi Jinping called an all-weather friend, has experienced a momentous change in its history this week. It witnessed a change of guards, the involuntary stepping down of one of the longest and oldest serving leaders of the world-Robert Mugabe. The events preceding his resignation are as intriguing as would be a Hollywood plot. Whispers of external complacency in this change abound. The roundtable will engage with the developing and fast moving events. How did things get to this? Who are the critical players? What are the broader implications both home and abroad? What then for Zimbabwe and for the International Community? What lessons are there for governance and leadership succession in the developing world? These and many issues will be interrogated by a panel of commentators knowledgeable about Zimbabwe and the broader related issues at play.