Major Research Areas

The centre will concentrate the research efforts on health economics and health-related sciences, with the special focus on the challenging issues in the China’s health sector. To be specific, our research priorities are summarized as the following seven areas:

  1. The prevention and treatment of non-communicable diseases

  2. Population ageing

  3. Health and the macro economy

  4. Reforms in public hospitals and the hospital management

  5. The integration and development of primary health care system in China

  6. Economic evaluation and the development of pharmaceutical industry

  7. Information technology for advanced health care

Recent publications

Chen Z*, Kolor K*, Grosse SD, Rodriguez JL, Lynch JA, Green RF, Dotson WD, Bowen MS, Khoury MJ. Trends in Utilization and Costs of BRCA Testing among Women Ages 18-64 Years in the United States, 2003-2014. (*: co-first author). EarlyView, Genetics in Medicine.

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Zhou, Minghai and Liqiu Zhao (forthcoming) Do Only Children Have Poor Vision: Evidence from China’s One Child Policy?” Health Economics


Working in progress

Hsieh, C.R. And C. Tang. “The multi-tiered medical education system in China and its influence on the health care market.”

Hsieh, C. R. and Xuezheng Qin. “Understanding and Addressing the Treatment Gap in Mental Healthcare: Economic Perspectives and Evidence from China.”

Batini, A., T. Chen and C. R. Hsieh. “Cost Containment Policies and Learning Process: Paving the Way for Health Expenditure Convergence across Countries.”

Hsieh, C. R. and Xuezheng Qin. “Intergenerational Transmission of Mental Depression in China.”

Appleton, S., A. Gaggero, L. Song and B. Liu “Is there a Quality-Quantity trade-off? Analysis of Child Health in Uganda and China”

Appleton, S., Z. Zhang, L. Song and B. Liu “Who looks after the kids? Effects of childcare choice on early childhood development in China”