CHE - Centre for Health Economics- was launched in September 2018 under the umbrella of Nottingham China Health Institute (NCHCI) and based in the School of Economics, aims to become a leading centre on health economics and research on health sector economics and policy in China.


The key activities of the Centre

  •  To conduct research on health economics and health-related science
  • To collaborate  with Chinese and international universities, form a research network though an annual conference, multiple workshops and working paper series
  • To work closely with local health institutions such as Ningbo Number One hospital and Ningbo’s Centre for Disease Control

Health economics has two hats. On the one hand, health economics is a behavioral science; high quality research in this field advances the discipline of economics in general and even more broadly the social sciences of which economics is only one of several disciplines. On the other hand, health economics also provides valuable insights and empirical evidence on important health policy issues and on health services research, a general field in which experts in clinical practice and public health. The mission of the research center for health economics is to strive for high quality research to advance economics in general and contributes more directly to health policy and medical care.                        

CHE homepage Chee Ruey Hsieh

--A message from the Centre director (Professor Chee-Ruey Hsieh) 



Health economics is a burgeoning field with growing demand from medical service providers, health insurance companies, and government agencies. Unknowns thus opportunities are abound in the field – requiring scholars to search for answers to questions including: the best healthcare system, payment and incentive, hospital management, chronic disease management, and many others. NCHI Centre for Health Economics provides a platform for health economists within and outside to exchange ideas and develop collaborative research, and to build up capacity to fulfill the needs in this important field.

CHE homepage Zhuo Chen


    --A message from the Co-Director (Professor Zhuo Chen)