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This FAQ is to answer the general questions from applicants. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us.

Can I download an application form and submit my application by email?


What is the minimum entry requirement of a PGR programme?


I only hold a bachelor degree, can I apply for a PhD programme?


Am I eligible to apply for a PhD scholarship?


I am interested in a joint doctoral partnership scholarship, should I contact a potential supervisor from UNNC?


Do all PGR programmes provide both full-time and part-time study mode?


Can I apply for any entry?


I have obtained a degree in an English speaking country, e.g. USA, UK, will the English requirement be waived for me?


I haven’t got an IELTS test score / My IELTS test score has expired, when is the deadline by which I have to submit a satisfactory IELTS result?


I am a Chinese applicant and I obtained my bachelor or master degree abroad or in Hong Kong, Macao or Taiwan, do I have to provide the certification obtained from the Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange (教育部留学服务中心)?


I am a staff member employed by UNNC, what kind of additional documents shall I provide?


Can I apply for a deferral if I cannot register for one entry?


I am in the final year of my degree study, when should I submit my final transcript and degree certificate?