1. Investigate research opportunities

We offer three types of postgraduate research programmes at the University of Nottingham Ningbo China.


EdD (Professional Doctorate in Education, Part-time) 

MRes (Master of Research Programme)

Prior to applying, you should thoroughly research prospective programme and select one that best suits your research interests and career goal.   For more information about the programmes, please refer to the department/school page.


2. Identify a supervisor

If you plan to study for a research degree (except EdD), e.g. MRes or PhD, you will have to make contact with a potential supervisor in a department/school before submitting an application. 

Please consult the academic staff profiles listed on the relevant department or school's website and contact a potential supervisor whose research interest aligns with yours. You may also wish to provide the academic staff with a copy of your CV and indicate your intention to apply for a postgraduate research programme and your research topic. When one faculty member expresses a willingness to be your supervisor, you can fill in his/her name in your application form.

EdD applicants are not required to find a supervisor before submitting an application but can contact the Director of the Programme should you have any question(s) regarding the academic components of the course.


3. Check Key Dates and Deadlines 

2024-25 Academic year (for self-funded applicants)
 Entries Application Deadlines  Registration Dates
 Sep 2024 (EdD)  15 May 2024  14 Sep 2024
 Sep 2024 (MRes and PhD)   10 June 2024  14 Sep 2024
 Feb 2025 (PhD only)  31 Oct 2024  17 Feb 2025

If you are applying for a PhD scholarship, please refer to each scholarship's deadline in the Funding Opportunities page. 

We strongly advise that you submit your application along with all supporting documents at least a week before the application deadline. Don't wait until the day of the deadline! During our busiest application seasons, we may not be able to reply to your enquiries or help you to resolve any problems in time.

Please note that you can submit your application pending the final results of your current study. Conditional offers will be made, where appropriate, and applicants will normally have to provide final transcripts and degree certificates by 15 July 2024 for September 2024 entry and 15 December 2024 for February 2025 entry.