What is a Pilates Reformer?

Pilates Reformer was developed as part of the Pilates protocol for whole-body fitness by Joseph Pilates in the early 1900s. Intended to help the body “relearn” how it was meant to move.

Exercises can be done lying down, sitting, kneeling ,standing, with additional equipment, upside down, sideways, and with all kinds of variations. Exercising with the Reformer is possible for anyone with any fitness level.

What does Pilates do for you?
  • Strengthens your core muscles;
  • Improves posture and takes care of your spine;
  • Reduces lower back, neck pain and stiffness;
  • Improves flexibility, coordination, balance and body awareness.
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Book a free consultation now if you are looking for:

  • Improved overall health and strong body foundation for daily activities;
  • Reduction in lower back and neck pain related to muscular imbalance;
  • Safe rehabilitation of joint and spine injuries;
  • Prevention of musculoskeletal injuries;
  • Improvement in sports performance;
 Single Pilates Reformer Session  400 RMB
 10 Reformer Sessions   3,800 RMB

For further information, or to book one of the session types below, please contact Gigi Zeng, Fitness & Wellbeing Consultant.