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Sports Internship and Volunteering Programme (SIVP)


UNNC Sport believes that sport can act as a fantastic platform in which to develop students’ employability skills, such as communication, organisation, leadership and teamwork. There are several different projects and initiatives which students can get involved in whilst studying at UNNC. 

"Volunteers are not paid not because they are worthless, 

but because they are priceless.“

Internships and volunteering allows students to develop key skills that they can use utilise whilst studying and when they graduate. In the UK, there are studies that show that students who volunteer in sport, earn more money upon graduation. 

Anyone that interns and volunteers will be part of the SIVP. Whether they volunteer once at an event only, or whether they commit several hours each week, everyone is part of the SIVP family. 

The SIVP is underpinned by our Sports Leadership Academy. The Sports Leadership Academy creates a pathway and something for students to aim for in their development. 

 Sports Leadership Academy

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Launched in 2018/19, the Academy is designed to qualify students in a UK Coaching award that will give them the skills and confidence to be able to lead certain coaching sessions, either within UNNC or in local schools, colleges, etc. UNNC Sport helps source placements for students to gain experience in coaching, officiating, event management, and more, in order to assist them with general career development skills. There are also scholarships available for students on exchange from the UK campus with certain coaching qualifications.


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We host a number of events on campus and also support schools around Ningbo with events throughout the year. We are always looking for volunteers to support us and our partners around Ningbo. Volunteering opportunities range from being elected onto our sports clubs as a committee member, to supporting at events like i-week and Open day, and from delivering school sport around Ningbo, to supporting with our flagship charity programme Passing Hope. Students can register their hours and be rewarded through certification and clothing for the hours they volunteer for.

Intern Team


We have created an Intern Team to help support the sports department with delivery in our day-to-day programmes and events, but also to give students more professional experience. We have intern opportunities to support in the following areas:
- Marketing
- Event Coordination
- Adventure Sports
- Fitness (Gym & ENGAGE Classes)

Our internships are typically paid positions. We advertise our opportunities via the student portal and on the UNNC Sport WeChat account, so please keep an eye out for these.

For more information please contact Prathiv Kholia, Sports Participation Manager.