The Fitness Suite has a new Body Composition Machine that can literally show you what you are made of! The machine is located in the cardio zone with instructions on how to use it provided. The machine is a free service for users. You can also review your results with one of our fitness team and help build on your personal fitness goals

On the results screen you can select detailed information such as Weight, Body Fat Mass, Fat Free Mass, Mineral, Soft Lean Mass, Protein and Total Body Water. The machine also provides you with information about your body shape, any risks to health, and improvement suggestions. You can also save your results by clicking the green 'WeChat' button on top which creates a QR code. After scanning it you will be redirected to a WeChat mini app where you can follow your progress over time.

Please make sure you clean it with the disinfectant and paper tissue provided on the wall after you are finished!

We suggest using it before you start your workout and, for more accurate and comparable measurements, always try to do it at a similar time of day as before.