This is the first meditation space at University of Nottingham Ningbo China. It's an area of over 180m2, includes a meditation area and a display wall of cultural programs originally produced by UNNC students and staff. It would serve as not only a quiet and nice space for all but also an opportunity of branding and fostering people-oriented concept of UNNC. For the students, the meditation room is a place to stay away from digital products, and practice meditation, which will be an excellent adds-on to their university experiences. 


Space 1

Audio Wall 

Scan the QR code to admire the poetry, music, podcast, radio drama programs created by UNNC students and staff! 


Image here


Audio Wall - 1
Audio Wall - 4
Audio Wall - 7
Audio Wall - 2
Audio Wall - 5
Audio Wall - 8
Audio Wall - 3
Audio Wall - 6


We are willing to display more cultural programs produced by UNNC students and staff here in the New Library. So please do send your programs to us via email: