The Library has four basic types of membership - Staff and Student, Associate, Alumni and Staff Family. 

Internal Membership

Staff & Student Membership

All students and members of staff automatically become members of our library when they receive their University Card.

Membership of the library allows you to:

  • Ability to study and read in the library
  • Access to Library e-resources
  • Ability to borrow Library materials
  • Access to the Library's interlibrary loan
  • Ability to book group study rooms/project rooms 

External Membership

Associate Membership

Associate membership is available to members of partner organizations under specified programs or individuals who have a formal association with the University but do not have a staff contract. Application and enquiries about Associate Membership can be made at Security and Safety Office in PB108.

See Associate Membership Library Services for details.


Alumni of UNNC may join the Library with deposit and annual membership fee. Alumni members can borrow most materials from the Library. They also have access to some Library e-resources, but not interlibrary loan services.

Alumni Library Services

Staff Family Membership 

Spouse or child above 6 years old of UNNC staff may apply for staff family membership. This membership includes borrowing physical materials, but excludes access to e-resources.

  • Apply for and obtain the staff family card from SSO and select library access options .
  • Staff family members can book up to 5 books. 

Walk-in User service

Information about the walk-in user service which gives members of groups authorised to do so access to a wide range of electronic resources via dedicated walk-in user computers in the library. 

How to use the Walk-in user service

1. Register by agreeing to the Walk-in User Code of Practice (PDF )

2. Visit a Walk-in User library                               

3. Agree to our Walk-in User Code of Practice

4.Bring along your identification

 !  Acceptable forms of identification

  • a University of Nottingham Ningbo China Associate Library card
  • an identification card, passport or driving license

Top tips

  • Check which resources are available through the service, before you visit, by visiting the Walk-in User resources pages

  • Save results to a USB memory stick (it is possible to save e-book to a memory stick). We cannot provide access to email or software e g, Microsoft office, internet or printers

  • Ask library staff if you need help or e-mail

Please note: we are unable to list the individual e-Journal and e-book titles available through the service.