Exhibition space aims to promote the university students to improve their aesthetic quality, cultivate innovative spirit, enrich their cultural connotations and develop healthy personality through various exhibitions. The exhibitions feature fine arts collection, cultural exchanges between China and overseas, art related education, and artistic activities.

Current exhibition

Change the world for the better -- Ningbo women in 20c China

Time: 2022/02/20--2022/03/18

Location: Exhibition Hall


Ningbo women are striving to create a colourful life with their courageous spirit that can shine through in all walks of life. They are independent, wise, strong and tough, and have made significant achievements in the history of China and even the world.

The 11 outstanding Ningbo women in this exhibition involve in multiple areas such as medicine, education, science, entertainment, literature, revolution, etc. Their rich life experiences vividly reflect the power and glory of Ningbo women.

ningbo women1

Welcome to the Exhibition Room to read and watch the detailed life stories from the 11 outstanding Ningbo women.

ningbo women2

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