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“ The Ningbo Economic Review (NER) is a non-profit, student-run and student-produced annual journal, with strong support provided by staff of School of Economics, UNNC. The journal has three main objectives: (i) to disseminate good students’ research works and ideas to a wider community of readers, (ii) to promote the writing of economic papers in English, simultaneously cultivating good English reading habits and (iii) to generate even more intellectual discourse among staff and students.

The first issue, April 2018 was launched on 15th April 2018. It showcases our undergraduate students research on economics in various topics, a book review and also an interview with leading economist Sir David Greenaway. ”


Quotes from leading scholars and professors:

"Universities are crucibles of initiative, invention and innovation. At UNNC our students not only embrace these values, they promote them. And this new journal is a fine example of their capabilities and enterprise. It is made for students by students, but that does not just mean current UNNC students, we can all learn from these essays and reviews."

—— Sir David GREENAWAY


"As Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences I am particularly pleased to see this first issue of NER from the School of Economics at UNNC. The topics are fascinating in themselves and show real evidence of the kind of innovatory and well-informed intellectual exchanges we aim to promote among our students at all levels. I am also impressed by the number and range of supporters and contributors who collaborated to produce this publication. The value of effective team work in contexts in which we find ourselves is amply demonstrated here. I recommend the Review as a model for staff and students at UNNC but also to a wider Chinese audience and beyond. I look forward to seeing issue 2 in due course!"

—— Professor Geoff HALL


"The Ningbo Economic Review showcases the best undergraduate research on economics from the University of Nottingham Ningbo China. It covers a broad spectrum, from current international hot topics such as gender pay gaps and cryptocurrencies, to perennial Chinese policy issues such as population policy and hukou reform. There is something in it for everyone, including an interview with leading economist Sir David Greenaway and a review of Stiglitz’s latest book on inequality."

—— Professor Simon APPLETON