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As part of your degree course

The University offers a number of courses which allow students to opt to study languages as part of their degree course. Each 20 credit module normally has five to six hours tuition per week, covering speaking, listening, reading and writing. The courses which offer language studies can be found at A-Z course listing.

As an additional module 

Students who wish to study language without earning official degree bearing credits, are able to audit modules for a modest fee subject to their individual timetables and the availability of space in the relevant class. New students will be assessed by the teaching team upon their arrival in order to place them in the appropriate level.

For free and for fun

A free, non-credit bearing language class (Mandarin) is available for all first year international students, once a week, throughout whole academic year. Furthermore, the team also runs a number of additional extra-curricular activities.

Mandarin Corner is a very popular weekly activity supervised by teaching staff and run by enthusiastic volunteers from UNNC's Students’ Union. It attracts many international students and a great way to improve your language skills with native speakers.

International students are also welcome to participate in a number of language orientated social events, including meals out and local travel, as well as Mandarin Speaking and Karaoke competitions both on and off campus. The Students’ Union also runs a well attended Chinese Calligraphy Club.

Levels and credits

Level 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5  6
French √   √  
German  √  
Japanese  √  
Italian √           
Korean   √     

*For additional information please see below Mandarin modules on offer

Levels Credits Module name Autumn semester Spring semester
Level 1     10 Mandarin Listening and Speaking 1A/B
20 Mandarin 1A/B
Level 2 10 Mandarin Listening and Speaking 2A/B
20 Mandarin 2A/B
Level 3 10 Mandarin Listening and Speaking 3A/B
20 Mandarin 3A/B
40 Mandarin Stage 3  
Level 4 10 Mandarin for Business Part A/B
20 Mandarin 4A/B
Level 5 10 Mandarin for News Part A/B
20 Mandarin 5A/B
Level 6 20 Mandarin 6A/B
Advanced optional modules 20 Advanced Chinese Discourse Skills(for non-Chinese Speakers Only)

20/10 Work placement module




NAA (Nottingham Advantage Award)

Mandarin for beginners and post beginners

NAA (Nottingham Advantage Award)

OLLE (Peer Supported Online Language Learning Exchange)

NAA (Nottingham Advantage Award)

Introduction to Spanish and Latin America

NAA (Nottingham Advantage Award)

Spanish language and culture for business purposes