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We offer exchange programmes for students of International Communications (IC), International Studies (IS), International Business with Language (IBL) and English Studies (ES). The modules are also supported by the virtual learning environment Moodle, for those students who cannot take the target language in the designated country. 

Exchange: These places are offered at no additional tuition fee cost to students. Students will continue to pay their usual tuition fee to UNNC. Exchange places are normally limited to only one semester at participating Universities. Exchange students take modules for credit at the partner institution that count towards their degree at UNNC.





Study Abroad: Students will be required to pay a study abroad fee to the host university instead of usual UNNC tuition fee. Study Abroad students take modules for credit that count towards their degree at UNNC. In some cases, where permitted, a semester on Study Abroad can be combined with an Exchange semester (or another Study Abroad semester) for a total of up to one year.

The LC offers exchange programs to the following countries and territories:

North America: USA, Canada, Mexico.

Europe: UK, Spain, Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, France, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Switzerland, Belgium, Sweden.

Oceania: Australia and New Zealand.

South America: Colombia and Chile.

Asia: Korea, Macao, Taiwan, Japan.

Africa: Egypt.

For further information contact Alex González Vila (Exchange Coordinator for the Language Centre):