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Introduction to  Commercial Courses and Summer School

The Language Centre at UNNC enjoys an international reputation for outstanding teaching. We offer French, German, Japanese, Korean, Spanish and Mandarin courses for students, corporate clients and partner institutions.



Commercial Courses

and Summer School




The Language Centre will provide you with 20-40 hours in-semester immersive and practical courses and fantastic summer schools. 这些经过精心设计的课程,旨在使零起点或有一定基础的语言学习者发展本语种听、说、读、写技能,并加深对不同国家文化的理解。


The Japanese Cultural Experience Programme assumes students have some prior study experience of Japanese. 参加日本文化体验游学活动的学习者需有一定日语基础。



On mandarin for the Workplace summer has been designed to empower learners with little or no prior knowledge of Mandarin to develop sufficient language skills and wide understanding of the modern Chinese workplace.