Rock Climbing in Ningbo


With growing interest in rock climbing and outdoor leisure in general and with stunning locations like Yangshuo in attracting domestic and foreign climbers, it was pretty clear that developing some good quality outdoor climbing venues could add real value to Ningbo’s attraction as a place to live, study and work. Having built an international standard indoor climbing wall at UNNC in 2016, more and more students and faculty members were starting to take an interest in climbing, but with no opportunities to experience “real rock” experiences without tackling the long journey to Lin’An or Taizhou. Because of this, UNNC Sport took the opportunity to develop a Rock Climbing guide book for Ningbo. 

Today, there are already 6 good quality cliffs in the districts of Ningbo and potential for many more. The overall landscape is such that the climbing areas are distributed, not unlike our “sister” Peak District in UK. Fortunately the number of climbable lines at each cliff is already enough for a full day’s outing.

Download the Ningbo Climbing Guidebook from the QR code below

Rock Climbing Guide Book QR Code


We advise you contact our Adventure Sports Manager if you haven't rock climbed in Ningbo before. Armstrong can provide you with information of where to go and how to get there.

If you still want to enhance your skills indoor,  we have fantastic facilities at UNNC, but also a great collaboration with Rock Plus, a Ningbo city climbing gym. They offer free climbing opportunities for our climbing team members for their training, and we also offer our facility free to them so they can experience different climbing walls. Rock Plus Climbing Gym have very friendly staff who can help you as much as you need, although not all their staff are bilingual. Rock Plus has three gyms around Ningbo and are soon to be opening more. You can find up to date information from their Wechat account ”rockplusnb”.